Help us create the best fair yet!

There are several ways for you to be involved in CHARM. About 300 students help us every year to create one of Scandinavia’s leading career fair’s. Continue reading to learn more about how you can help us.

The Project Group

To be part of the project group is an amazing way to get to know how it is to work with CHARM and it is an opportunity for you to challenge yourself. The project group has bigger responsibility than the CHARMhosts but not as much responsibility as the committee itself. That way it is perfect for you who wants to make a difference in this years fair without the full responsibility of joining the committee.

CHARM hosts

As a CHARMhost you will get the opportunity to get to know other students, meet new companies and have lots of fun of course. You also get to be a part of activities surrounding the fair, for example you get to experience the famous CHARM banquet. There are a lot of different types of CHARMhosts to suit all, so don’t hesitate – become a CHARMhost!

Do not miss your opportunity to get involved!