Have a safe fair!

You are all a vital part of creating the world’s best career fair! But doing this is about more than contact with companies, marketing, service and logistics. Just like the working life which CHARM exist to prepare students for, there is more to CHARM than jobs and tasks. CHARM is about inspiration, preparation, equality, ethics, diversity and many other core values.
During the fall of 2017 Chalmers University of Technology and the Student Union were both shook by the stories of discrimination brought forth by brave students and employees and from this, the collaboration “Chalmers against sexism” was born, and we at CHARM will do our part!

A Fair Fair

We call our project to fight discrimination “A Fair Fair”. It is a project aimed at creating an environment at CHARM where everyone feels safe, no matter if you are a visitor, exhibitor or organizer.

A Fair Fair consists of several different parts:

– Information to visiting students: Visitors will be informed of this project through social media, TV-screens in the Student Union Building and through information in the CHARM catalogue.

– Information to exhibitors:
All exhibitors have received information from CHARM by both emails and in the exhibitors folders which they will receive when they first arrive at CHARM 2018.

– A clear chain of command:
In the information to the visitors and exhibitors we have invited everyone who experience or observe discrimination at CHARM to contact us members of the CHARM organisation. By a clear chain of command the issue will reach me or the Fair Manager who will approach the people involved. Remember, silence is not golden.

– All companies have accepted the Student Union’s Equality Policy upon registering for CHARM 2018.

This means that everyone who is a part of the CHARM organization could be contacted with issues regarding discrimination and equality. What I ask of you, should this happen, is to report the issue to your closest member of the CHARM Project Group or member of the CHARM committee. This is to ensure that all issues reach the Project Manager or the Fair Manager, who will then give you further instructions. If any of these functions are the issue, please contact the social welfare officer or the vice president of the union: so@chalmersstudentkar.se or vo@chalmersstudentkar.se
I hope you are as excited as I am! Together I know that we can create not only a fair fair, but the best career fair in the world!