The CHARM Committee

The CHARM committe is run by 18 students that work to create one of Scandinavia’s leading careers fair. The students are chosen by the student union’s board in April and start working in July. Together they plan, form and execute the fair that is open to all Chalmers students.

Project Manager

This year’s project manager, working on a full-time basis with the Student Union, is Olof Svanberg. He is appointed by the Student Union Council and serves in the union’s Unit for Corporate Relations parallel to the work as project manager. His job in the committee is above all that of inspiring and leading the other members towards their mutual goal of an outstanding careers fair.

Olof Svanberg

Project Manager


The Marketing group makes sure CHARM has a clear and well thought-out graphical profile towards students and companies. This includes designing posters, hand-outs, brochures and – most importantly – the CHARM catalogue. Marketing also oversees the website, social media and clothes the committee.

Klaudia Wybraniec

Group Manager

Elin Blomberg

Communications Manager

Gabriella Poplasen

Print & Campaign Manager

Deimante Neitmataite

Art Director - Catalogue

Erik Tjärdahl

Art Director - Campaign


The Corporate Relations & Event group is responsible for handling business relations between the committee and potential exhibitors. They make sure the fair is filled with interesting companies from all areas of the industry. The group are also responsible for all events during the fair and make sure the fair is visited by interesting lecturers, organize the grand banquet as well as arrange all sorts of activities and events during the year.

Andrea Rodosi

Group Manager

Sebastian Salinder

Corporate Event Manager

Robert Hummerhielm

Registration Manager

Ivar Sonesson

Sponsorship & Information Manager

Martin Eriksson

Fair Event Manager

Emma Karlsson

Banquet Manager

Viktoria Hedlund

PR Event Manager

Logistics & Service

The Logistics & Service group plans and runs the immense organization needed for the two days of the fair. Through coordination of all necessary transports furniture, carpet and decoration find their place with the help from this group. Logistics & Service are also responsible for all food during the fair and for the recruitment of hosts.

Freddy Abrahamsson

Group Manager

Rebecka E Gustafsson

Recruitment Manager

Emil Lillieblad

Logistics Manager

Martin Raisse

Fair Area Planning Manager

Lili Rasko Nguyen

Service Manager