CHARM wouldn’t be possible without involvement from students. Every year, the fair engages around 200 students without counting visitors, making CHARM one of the Student Unions biggest events. We are therefore happy to invite everyone who’s interested to apply to be this years hosts!

How to apply

Create an account on the link to the application site to the right. Don’t forget to confirm the email address, which is done by clicking a link that is sent to the mail. It has to be clicked within 60 minutes of being sent in order to confirm the account. Then you can log in and fill in your application.

Any questions? Feel free to email Enya Engström.

The selection process will start November 25th and confirmation to the the accepted applicants will be sent via email. The host role will be confirmed after December 3rd.

Dates to keep in mind

CHARMkommittén arranges a mandatory information night on December 11th, where the CHARMhosts meet their manager and receive all information they need for the fair. In addition, a host kickoff will be arranged on December 18th and of course you will be invited to the CHARM BANQUET!!

CHARMhosts are expected to commit both fair days, February 5th and 6th. Some hosts are expected to commit more, stated in the host description further down. Have a look!

Application close at November 25h.


Marketing Host

Do you want to engage others and decorate the fair? As a marketing host, you and your colleagues ensure that inspirational seminars are filled by curious students. You also help decorating the fair and make sure that it’s something special. You will also be acting as a problem solver during the fair.

Corporate Relations & Events

Banquet Host

Do you like to arrange and decorate? As a banquet host, you will help with practical matters concerning the banquet – the grand dinner with representatives from the companies at the fair. This involves buying and preparing decor, arrangement of tables and seating. You like to stay organized, keeping track of many things at once and keeping contact with businesses and students during the day of the banquet.

IT & Support Host

Are you interested in IT and technology? As an IT & Support host you will act as a technical and general support during the fair. You will mainly work with IT related problems and help with technical details during fair construction, but during the fair you will also help other exhibition areas. You also help with carpeting the exhibition area the week before the fair.

CHARMtech Host

Do you want to establish contact with companies? As a CHARMtech host you will be the host of one or more companies at the CHARMtech during the fair. You will help the companies set up their CHARMtech booth and help with anything else they might need before and during the fair.

CHARMcorner Host

Do you want to show CHARM to new exhibitors? As CHARMcorner host you get an unique opportunity to meet companies that haven’t exhibited at the fair before. You’ll get a larger opportunity to connect as there are different companies on both days. You will check the company’s order, help them rig their booth before the fair and reset the exhibition area after the fair. During CHARM, you will assist the companies and respond to questions from students.

CHARMtalks Host

Do you like to interact with people? Are you serviceminded? You make CHARM talks run as smooth as possible by helping students get to their meetings with corporate representatives. You also make sure there are refreshments available during these meetings. In addition, you help out at the inspirational seminars during the fair.

ARG Host

Would you like to meet students from other universities? During the fair, many universities’ equivalence to the CHARM committee will visit CHARM to exchange ideas, and to enjoy themselves. Your task is to assist these visitors during the fair and their visit at Chalmers.

Gift Host

Do you enjoy talking to people and spread joy to the students visiting the fair? As a sponsorship host you are responsible for all the sponsored material to the fair. This includes making sure that all the products are in the right place, and that it will be handed out to the visitors of the fair. You might also get to help the visitors find their way around. All in all, your mission is to make all visitors happy by giving them loads of free stuff!

Corporate Hosts

Do you want to get to know a company and their  representatives? As a corporate host you will be acting as CHARMk’s contact person for one or two exhibiting companies before and during the fair. You will check the company’s order, help them rig their booth before the fair and to reset the exhibition area after the fair. During CHARM, you will assist the companies and respond to questions from students.

Logistics & Service

Logistics Host

Do you like working in a closely knitted team? Are you interested in arranging goods flow? As a logistics host, you are mainly in charge of all logistics relating to CHARM together with the logistics group. You manage all incoming and outgoing goods and solve problems that may occur during the fair. In addition, you help out with carpeting and constructing the exhibition area the week before the fair. A Swedish driver licence for forklift is an advantage but not a requirement.

Lounge Host

Do you like to meet new people? Are you service minded? The lounges are a calm place where corporate representatives can take a break from the fair. You are responsible for keeping the lounges clean and the refreshments refilled. In addition, you will help manning the wardrobes.

Reception Host

Do you like to stay in the loop? Do you find your way around Campus? As a Reception host will be  informing and answering questions from both students and corporate representatives. The reception is also responsible for the services offered to the exhibitors.  In addition, you will help manning the wardrobes.


Do you want to meet corporate representatives? Do you like to drive? The transports offered for corporate representatives is carried out by CHARMdrivers. This means a lot of opportunities for interesting conversations with company representatives. To apply for this position, you must be 23 years old and have had a Swedish driver license for at least two years.