Join the Project Group

The project group works together with the CHARM committee to create the fair. The idea is that the group is working as a link between the committee and the hosts. The project group is a part of planning before the fair and also works during the fair in their fields.

What field suits you best?

Being a part of the Project Group is a perfect opportunity to get a feeling about how it is to work with CHARM and the CHARMcommittee, and an opportunity for you to challenge yourself. The Project Group starts their work during the autumn and continues until the end of the fair which is 6-7th February.
As a member of the Project Group you have a bigger responsibility than the hosts, but not as much as the committee. This can be an opportunity for you who wants to engage yourself during a shorter period.
The Project Group members work together with one person in the committee and helps them with the planning of the fair. There are big opportunities for you to choose how much time you want to spend on the project. The weeks before the fair, the work increase for all Project Group members as the fair comes closer. The last week before the fair you work together with all hosts and the committee to put red carpet on the fair area.
Some members of the Project Group are responsible of an area and are a part of the Fair Team. This is a good opportunity for you to develop your leadership since you are responsible for one area of the fair during the fair days. One assignment that is responsibility for order, safety and coordinating of the Exhibitor hosts.


Do you like to enthuse other people? Do you want to learn more about communication?
We are looking for a project group member who wants to work with recruitment together with the CHARM committee. You will recruit about 100 hosts for the fair, this means that the position includes a lot of communication with both the committee and the hosts. To be able to do this it is an advantage if you understand some Swedish because some applications will not be written in English. You will also be responsible for one area of the fair (during the fair) which is a good way for you to develop your knowledge in leadership.

Service: Lounge

Do you like to make other people happy? Maybe treat them with a semla (a swedish fika-bun)?
Then you have the chance to be a part of the project group who works with, and are responsible for, the business lounges during the CHARM fair. You will be able to form your work and assignments together with the CHARM committee.

Service: Reception

Do you like to meet and help new people?
The reception at the CHARM fair provides the companies with all the information and service they need. One of the members in the project group will be responsible for this reception and the drivers who are offered during the fair. This reception will be staffed by CHARM hosts who the member of the project group therefore also will be responsible for.

Fair events

Do you want to help us develop different events during CHARM?
The CHARM committee is looking for a member to the project group, who wants to help us work out the events of this years fair. You will have big chances to choose what you like to work with, e.g. communication with the companies, planning or creating new ideas. You will also be responsible for the area of CHARMtech during the fair, which is a good way for you to develop your knowledge in leadership.


Do you like to solve problems? Are you a good forklift driver?
In the project group two persons will have the possibility to learn more about the logistics in and around a big event. Together with the CHARM committee you will have the responsibility for all logistics before, during and after the fair.

Business events: CHARMtalks

Is contact with other people and companies something that interests you?The project group member who will be responsible for the CHARMtalks will have a lot of personal meetings with both students and companies, but also be the one to coordinate events students and companies meet together. This gives you good opportunities to develop your qualities in management.

Business events: preCHARM

Are you interested in helping companies and organizations to find a way to reach out to the students?
Before the CHARM fair an event called preCHARM is hosted by us. As a member of the project group you have the possibility to help us coordinate and be responsible for this event. This means that you will have a lot of contact with companies and organizations, which gives you good chances to improve your management skills. You will also be responsible for one area of the fair (during the fair) which is a good way for you to develop your knowledge in leadership.

Fair planning

Do you want to help us planning the CHARM fair?
The CHARM committee wants to improve the flow of the fair together with one member of the project group. This gives you opportunity to be responsible for a project and also planning different parts of the fair, e.g. the fitting of the big carpet which is all over the area for the fair. During the fair you will be responsible for one area of the fair, which will help you improve your leadership


Do you think it is funny to be a part of arrange big events? Is planning a dinner for hundreds of people something that appeals to you?
As a member of the project group you can help the CHARM committee to plan the CHARM banquet. This include meetings with all people involved in the fair and also planning details as decorating, as well as contact with the hosts. Therefore, it is an advantage if you have a good feeling for doing several things at the same time.


We want your application sent by email to our recruitment manager Rebecka E Gustafsson ( before the 22th of September. After this we well contact the final candidates for an interview.
In your application we would like you to include:

– A presentation of yourself
– Which post you are applying for
– Why you want to be a part of the ProjectGroup
– If you have any experience of events like CHARM

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