On this page we have collected some frequently asked questions, most of them are information for our exhibitors, but som of it may be good to know for our visitors as well.

If you can not find an answer to your question on this page, please check our contact page to find the right person to ask.

Dates and times

The fair
Tuesday the 6th: 10:00 to 16:00
Wednesday the 7th: 10:00 to 15:00   

The Banquet
Tuesday the 6th at 18:00 at Lindholmen.

Dinner ends at 22:45, party is open until 01:00.

Prebuilding for exhibitors
Monday the 5th: 10:00 to 18:00

Tuesday the 6th: 07:00 to 09:00.


The fair
CHARM takes place at Chalmers biggest Campus, Johanneberg. It is situated at Teknologgården 2, 43234 Göteborg.

The Banquet
The banquet will this year be held at Lindholmen Science Park, which is located at Lindholmspiren 5, 402 78 Göteborg


Student Union Building

Volvofoajén ground floor
Volvofoajén 1th floor
Volvofoajén 2nd floor
Volvofoajén 3rd floor

Northern Ljusgården

Southern Ljusgården
Northern V‐building
Eastern V‐building
Western V‐building
Southern V‐building


There will be a shortage of parking lots near Chalmers and we therefore recommend that you do not take your car to the fair. If you do it, there are regular parking lots at the Chalmers area and adjacent to Chalmers. These listed parkings may cost between 5 and 15 SEK/hr. The ones we recommend:

– Gibraltarvallen. Located on the Chalmers area and accessed via Gibraltargatan. From here, go across the Chalmers area to get to the fair, see map.

– Mossen. From Gibraltargatan, turn down on Engdahlsgatan and turn right at Johanneberg Science Park in on Sven Hultins gata. From here, you go back on Sven Hultins gata and will come to the fair, see map.

– Vasa-area. Located on the Chalmers area, just off Kapellplatsen. Walk Aschebergsgatan up and take a left just after the bus stop. From here you can either go through Aschebergsgatan to the fairgrounds, or take public transportation up to the bus stop Chalmers.

– Hvitfeldtska Gymnasium. Located on Rektorsgatan 2 which is accessed from the intersection Läraregatan / Gibraltargatan. From here you can either go through Aschebergsgatan to the fairgrounds, or take public transportation up to the bus stop Chalmers.

– Landalagatan. Accessed via Amund Grefwegatan at Landala square. This parking is marked on the attached parking map. From here, go straight up to the fairgrounds.

– Fysiken. Located on Gibraltargatan 39, next to the gym Fysiken. From here you can either go through a jogging track or via Gibraltargatan to the fairgrounds. From Pilbågsgatan can you also take bus 19 to Chalmers tvärgata.

– Medicinaregatan. Accessed from Guldhedsgatan. If you come from Chalmers, you drive past Wavrinskys Plats and then down to the bus stop Medicinaregatan, which takes you right into the parking lot. From here you can either take Guldhedsgatan back to Chalmers or take public transportation from Medicinaregatan.


CHARM has cars with drivers available on 5th – 6th of February. With help from availability chauffeurs we are able to provide transport in the Gothenburg area, such as to and from the airport or hotel. During the fair the reservations are made in the reception areas in the Student Union Building and A / V house. If you already now know that you are interested in runs during the days, this can be pre-notified to lili.raskonguyen@charm.chalmers.se. State company name, place and time of pickup / delivery, possibly flight / train number and names and telephone numbers of the travelers.

The drivers are available for booking the following times.

Tuesday 6th of February 08.00‐16.30

Wednesday 7th of February 08.30‐17.00

Public transportation

Those of you who use public transport, we refer to Västtrafik, www.vasttrafik.se. The stop closest to the fairgrounds is named Chalmers. The following lines pass by Chalmers University from Gothenburg city center:

7 to Tynnered

10 to Guldheden
13 to Marklandsgatan

16 to Högsbohöjd

753 to Mölndal


Print for your Company – This year we have a cooperation with Egettryck.se! If you need to print shirts, stickers, giveaways, rollups or anything else for your company, we recommend that you talk to Egettryck! They have premises near the fair and can deliver directly to your booth if desired. You can go to their website egettryck.se/139-charm and see what they have to offer!

To order or to get more information, email info@egettryck.se or call 031-404066.

Hotel in Gothenburg – We also have a cooperation with Quality Panorama Hotel! If you need a place to stay close to the fair, at a fair price, check them out!

Use the code CHARM 2018 to get a discounted price!

Call them at 031-767 70 00