Here you can read more about the registration process. The preliminary registration for the fair 2018 is now open!

  • Step 1- Preliminary registration

    The first step in registering your company as an exhibitor at CHARM is to submit a preliminary registration. To submit your application, fill in your email adress and then the questionnaire that appears. After submitting you will receive an email confirmation of your preliminary registration.

    Once your preliminary registration is approved you will receive an email that confirms your details. In the email you will find your username and password for the final registration, step 2.

  • Step 2- Registration

    Registration is open later in the fall for all companies with an approved preliminary registration.

    The registration has to be approved for your company to participate at CHARM. The final registration can only be filled out if your company got the notice of interest approved.

    Please notice that it can be time consuming to fill out the final registration and we ask you to be as thorough as possible. That way we can easily provide the services you need and meet your expectations.

    To see what kind of products and services are available we refer you to the product catalogue at the bottom of this page.

    If you have any problems viewing the registration below, follow this link.

Product catalouge of 2017

Below you will soon be able to find more information about the different packages CHARM has to offer. You can download the catalogue as a pdf below.